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MRC is rethinking, developing and re-
designing your products. Innovative
materials and technologies make the
critical difference.

Our custom-made services include:

> Materials and Technology Scouting
> Sustainability Strategy & Design
> Circular Materials Development
> Project management of R&D Projects (lead initiatives)
> Workshops, Lectures, Special Exhibitions
> Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The transfer of sector specific material and technology know-
how into new applications is driving innovation on a daily basis.
Google uses miniaturized radar technology replacing touchscreens, switches and buttons on mobile devices.

Nike uses 3D-knitting to produce it´s "fly knit" uppers in a single piece instead of traditionally gluing/sewing individual pieces together. Due to the intergration of this technology Nike ensures a new sport shoe design as well as savings in production waste (up to 80%) and weight (up to 18%) of the final product.

If you are also interested in implementing innovative matrials & technology, please contact us.

Our services at a glance:

> Material and Technology Scouting
National/international research for development partners who
possess innovative material or process know-how.
An anonymised project briefing drawn up by MRC generates
an initial expert feedback on your development project and
accelerates the innovation process.

> Sustainability Strategy & Design / Circular Matrials Development

Karsten Bleymehl is a well-known sustainability expert with 13+ years experiance in product development and design. He developed and realized many Cradle2Cradle, Circular Economy concepts for corporate clients. Sustainable product development doesn´t work without the right material and end-of life scenario choice. A proof of concept via an Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) provides clear data of the archivements. MRC designs, develops and implements your sustainable product strategy from concept to serial production.

> Project Management of R&D Projects (lead initiatives)
If suitable partners for a joint product development have been
found, the second step is concerned with the practical
implementation of the first material and technology concepts.
MRC coordinates the effective cooperation of all project partners.

> Workshops, Lectures, Exhibitions (New materials & technologies)

Innovative materials and technologies enable new product
functions and design. Furthermore they play an integral part for
decisions of profitability, quality and sustainability of products.
Customized Innovation workshops, lectures and special exhibitions will provide stakeholders with new impulses to perform innovative product development.

> Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Together with its partner, MRC offers life-cycle analyses
(LCA) for products and thus makes the success of a
sustainable product development measurable.

The project "clever little bag" from PUMA impressively displays
the use of the Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) during the
development process.

We did not cover your topic? Then please contact us at
info@mrc-germany.de or by phone at +49 221 169 240 95.
We are kindly looking forward to your request!

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